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CCTV has become one of the most powerful security tools of the age, putting a face to thousands of offenders daily. It provides indisputable evidence in subsequent court hearings and protecting people on the grounds of their home and in any populated space, from office and factory to the sporting stadium.



CCTV Cameras come in many shapes and sizes and  can suit a variety of applications within your home or business.

Red Alert Security UK Ltd. can provide flexible, powerful CCTV solutions, bringing together high quality, crisp images with advanced storage and data retrieval.

Our consultants will work with you to find the best cameras to suit your needs and our technical team is always on hand to help answer any of your queries.


CCTV monitors are used to view surveillance images.  A contemporary flat screen LCD monitor, favoured for their appearance and practical space saving can be positioned almost anywhere on your property giving you easy access to your footage.

We can supply a monitor if needed or you can wire your CCTV system into an existing TV set or monitor (As long as they are compatible).


Digital Video Recorders (DVR's)

DVR's are the modern day solution to recording your surveillance footage. They offer great picture quality, high reliability and lots of storage.

Say goodbye to those video tapes with very limited recording time that can easily be chewed up by the recorder, resulting in the loss of all your valuable data. However, if you have never had any equipment to record activity around your premises but had it in mind to do so, DVR's are the way to go.



Remote Access

Access your cctv cameras from your iPhone or mobile device using 3G connection or wi-fi. 


*All packages are professionally installed & subject to survey

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